Raydon Hall Indoor American Viii

Back again is our very popular Indoor American shoot - 2 and a half dozen at 60, 50 and 40 yards shot indoors on the last Sunday of January - 28th January 2018.

Wix Equestrian Centre is half an hour (mostly dual carriageway) from Perris Archery at Rettenden, who are sponsoring the event. Wix Equestrian Centre has a floor of sand and shredded fibres, and as you might expect there may be extras. The cafeĢ will be open all day for amazing refreshments at very reasonable prices.

The lighting is good and we are shooting on Perris bosses which have been specially developed for them and provide excellent stopping power with ease of removal.

There is no heating so dress for warmth and comfort - no dress regulations will apply.

We have 48 spaces on each session and we fill up quickly so get your entries in.

Session A: Assembly 09:15 (1 space)
Session B: Assembly 13:45 (9 spaces)

Cost: £15

The Waiting list works in that you sign up for Session A but don't pay. If there is a space I'll contact you to check if you still want the space and then send you a PayPal request for the money.

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Archery Club

Raydon Hall Archery Club was set up in September 2007 by archers who had completed Beginners Courses at Perris Archery and wanted to continue with the sport.

Since then we have continued to grow steadily and still have very close links with Perris Archery, who have sponsored the start up of the club, as we share the same indoor range and equipment.

We currently have around 40 members who are mostly new to the sport but are proving to be keen competition archers, both in target and field archery. We regularly enter competitions both locally and around the country and shoot in leagues in the Essex and Suffolk area with great success, winning the Andy Harris Indoor League each year since 2010 apart from when we forgot to send in a score.

We have a field just a couple of hundred yards away from our indoor range which is set up for shooting all year round.

We also run a number of Open and Friendly competitions throughout the year - full details of the upcoming competitions and all the results are on our Events Page.

If you are interested in joining us then drop us a line.