We normally run the following events through the year and all the details of upcoming and past events are here:-

Open Soup Shoots

An early start to the outdoor season with National rounds shot at the beginning of April

8th Soup Shoot 9th April 2017 Western Rounds as the weather was fantastic Results  
7th Soup Shoot 10th April 2016 Shooting the longer Western Round as the weather on the day was good Results  
6th Soup Shoot 12th April 2015 Excellent fun but a bit of wind Results  
5th Soup Shoot 13th April 2014 More good weather and a full field - what more can we say. Results  
4th Soup Shoot 14th April 2013 Back to a warm day but a gusty wind which made things tricky Results  
3rd Soup Shoot 15th April 2012 The cold wind did not prevent a fun shoot: Results  
2nd Soup Shoot 10th April 2011 A surprisingly warm day so the soup was not needed to keep warm Results  
1st Soup Shoot 11th April 2010 Thanks to everyone who came and made our 1st Soup Shoot such a success Results  

Indoor American Shoots

Something different - an Outdoor American round shot Indoors at the Wix Equestrian Centre

Indoor American X 26th January 2020 In our Tenth Year and back shooting more arrows Entry Form  
Online Entry 
Indoor American IX 27th January 2019 Not as warm but some good scores shot Results  
Indoor American VIII 28th January 2018 Warm again and only a couple of points dropped by the wiiners. Results  
Indoor American VII 29th January 2017 Surprisingly warm and some very high scores. Results  
Indoor American VI 31st January 2016 Back again for more of the same - a good day had by all Results  
Indoor American V 25th Jannuary 2015 A great shoot so thanks to everyone who supported us.
We should be back next year for another go so keep an eye out for the date.
Indoor American IV 26th Jannuary 2014 Sadly postponed until next year as it clashes with the European Indoor Archery Festival at Telford and we just can">
Indoor American III 27th January 2013 Much warmer this time and some very high scores Results  
Indoor American II 29th January 2012 Another cold but fun shoot Results  
Indoor American 30th January 2011 A great success at Wix Equestrian Center for the return of the Indoor American Results  

Apache Archers Clout Shoots

Evenings of Clout shooting at RAF Wattisham in association with Apache Archers which was a great success.

Clout Shoot 2012 27th July 2012 More pictures of Clout shooting Photos  
Clout Shoot 27th July 2011 A great start Photos