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Arti Outsourcing Agreement

With regard to the carrying out of support services activities, although employees may be employed through the automobile, but for "subcontracting enterprises", there are additional requirements such as the mandate of Registry Court 27/PUU-IX/2011 that PkwT must include the principle of the transmission of protection measures for workers or the transmission of the company protection employment (TUPE), which provides: - Partial delivery of work to other companies, submitting part, part or part of the work of an employer company, including a work services user company (in this case -dhi" persero company ") to the receiving company (seller) and/or the service company you call an "outsourcing company" , either by a work charter agreement or by an employment contract/service (Article 64 of the Labour Act). The beginning of outsourcing in the business world is the desire to share risks in the world of work. Not all companies are able to solve problems in their work. Both employees directly employed in the company and employees of outsourcing companies will work on the company`s site. The status of the employment relationship of a specific employment contract, whether an employee or a worker who has undergone destocking, can take place as long as this is in accordance with the provisions of Article 59 of Act 13 of 2003. For outsourced employees, the calculation of their mandate then depends on the nature of the company they have agreed to hire. The recruitment system for subcontracting companies is not very different from the company in general. Starting with written tests, interviews and certain processes determined by each company. This process is carried out by the service provider and not by the company using the candidate`s services. This outsourcing law should be equipped with concepts of economic ethics so that outsourcing is not used for human rights violations, the right to livelihoods and decent work.

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