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Bill 195 Collective Agreement

While the emergency regulations that take away your collective contractual rights may have been justified during the COVID 19 crisis, the termination of the declared state of emergency ends the legal justification. We strongly opposed this bill. While it allows the government to prorogue and amend emergency decisions under the EMERGENCY Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) at least one year after the end of the declared state of emergency and perhaps longer, it also gives employers enormous leeway to terminate the provisions of collective agreements and the arbitration of appeals. While the planning rules in the CBA, he said, workers offer free evenings to see the family - according to the current rules "they work in the hottest times, with more vehicles and traffic, and then they work in the dark. Instead of working in daylight, as the collective agreement says. Ontarians can oppose the bill with a one-click web tool to call Conservative MPPs. In Sudbury, CUPE Local 4705 President Mike Bellerose said the bill was used to extend measures that delay the hours of some out-of-town workers. This bill, unless amended, will end the rights of health care workers in areas such as leave, working hours and pave the way for the allocation of their work. It will deprive them of the rights of absence, their rights of seniority, their rights of health and safety. In short, this bill destroys the power of collective bargaining in favour of government-imposed rules. Canada`s largest public sector union says Doug Ford`s new pandemic powers are being used by employers who use them as a loophole to circumvent collective agreements for reasons that have little to do with Ontario`s pandemic response. Under the Ford government`s Bill, the Reopening Ontario Act, public sector employers are able to repeal leave, tender offers, schedule and other provisions in collective agreements. The government decided to introduce this law unilaterally and without consultation with one of the unions. While there are some slight differences between them, these injunctions generally allow employers to develop and implement a redeployment plan, independent of other laws, regulations or collective agreements.

All workers have the right to bargain collectively with their employer under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but Bill 195 allows employers to circumvent collective agreements in the workplace; Refuse leave; and assign positions. Ford expelled PC MPP Belinda Karahalios from the PC caucus to vote against the law. Karahalios said Bill 195 was "an unnecessary overcoming of our parliamentary democracy." "Legislative decisions should not be made behind closed doors. People have the right to be informed and respond to the actions taken by the state. Bill 195 is a blatant overload of Doug Ford and an attack on democracy," said Ontario Federation of Labour President Patty Coates.

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