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Sap Unloading Point In Scheduling Agreement

For more information on the logic of the survey, please see a delivery plan in the EDI delivery plan (0444) and the EDI shipment (0382). Either it`s a question or it`s not easy! 🙂 still check customer (shipping) - The data delivery contract for this debitor. If you process via EDI, you have control over the OVA9 control table T663A which contains the corresponding control settings. OVA9 - In this step, you define how the system handles delivery plans received by Electronic Data Interchange by a particular customer, or the combination of the customer/unloading point. OVA9 - Indicate whether the system should use the order number or unloading point sent in a delivery plan to find the corresponding planning agreementOVA9 - Set special functions for delivery agreements with DeliverySchedules." Options include `Check PO number`, `CheckUnPt` (Check Deloading Point). If the "Check UnPt" option is not selected, the unloading point examination is not done at all when searching for the delivery plan. If the "Check the order number" option is put in place, the system also checks the customer`s order number and stops the IDoc processing if the test is inconclusive. Is the different "unloading point" a standard pattern for dividing deliveries? With this asynchronous service, you can, as a supplier using SAP S/4HANA Cloud, automatically create and update delivery plans for sales delivery plans, including nodes in front, online item, sharing and end line. This is one of the many services that facilitate the integration between sales delivery plans and an external buyer system. The information is sent in the requirement as a payload. Messages transmitted by this service can be monitored by the SAP Application Interface (FIA) framework. For shipping, deliveries are made from the component supplier delivery plan based on the delivery plan or JIT delivery plan. The corresponding design change statuses are copied into the delivery plans when they are maintained there.

Delivery units (for packaging purposes) are also created automatically taking into account the quantity delivered and the delivery plan instructions. This procedure describes the necessary entries in a delivery plan for the JIT process. There are several sales plan agreements. Each sales plan agreement contains only one product (i.e. equipment). If the rounding quantity is maintained in the delivery plan, the delivery volume is rounded, so that complete delivery units can be delivered. If a modified state copied for the delivery plan is delivered, it can be corrected by selecting the delivery item and selecting the Article ---> Status menu option.

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