Club Merchandise

Things you can buy to to show your support for the club.

Club Shirts
We have embroidered shirts which have the club logo on the front (left or right side) and your name and the large logo on the back. Available in Green or White.

Cost: £17.95 + P&P
Woven badges
Cloth badges with the club logo on with an adhesive backing so by using a hot iron for 30 seconds they will stick to just about anything. (additional stitching is recommended)

Ideal for fleeces for those cold Andy Harris matches, transforming ordinary white shirts  into summer Club Shirts and even for attaching to a quiver.

Cost: £2
Club Mugs
Mugs with the club logo on one side and the text of your choice on the other.

Available in two sizes – mug or bucket complete with either space on the shelf in the kitchen or to take away and show your allegiance to other people.

Mugs around £7 plus P&P
Body Warmer
Another warming garment which is a Regatta Professional Soft Shell body warmer.

It has a pocket on the right, the Club Logo in red and gold on the left along with your name and the Club logo on the back.

Cost: £29.95
Any Other Clothing
If you have something else which you want to wear or you find the stuff we have does not fit then we can the club logo embroidered or get a vinyl logo added to just bout anything.

Cost: Price depending on what you want but logos on an undershirt are about £5 per arm
Medal Centers
These are 1″ domed acrylic medal centers which we normally put into the medals we give out at the Indoor American, Open and Club Championships. (You need to win these)

They can be used for anything though such as Pin badges (with the appropriate badge back) or Sight Knob decorations (as shown).

Cost: £1