Soup Shoot

An early start to the outdoor season with National or Western rounds shot at the beginning of April

9th Soup Shoot14th April 2019More excellent weather so more Western RoundsResults
8th Soup Shoot9th April 2017Western Rounds as the weather was fantasticResults  
7th Soup Shoot10th April 2016Shooting the longer Western Round as the weather on the day was goodResults  
6th Soup Shoot12th April 2015Excellent fun but a bit of windResults  
5th Soup Shoot13th April 2014More good weather and a full field – what more can we say.Results  
4th Soup Shoot14th April 2013Back to a warm day but a gusty wind which made things trickyResults
3rd Soup Shoot15th April 2012The cold wind did not prevent a fun shoot:lts 
2nd Soup Shoot10th April 2011A surprisingly warm day so the soup was not needed to keep warmResults  
1st Soup Shoot11th April 2010Thanks to everyone who came and made our 1st Soup Shoot such a successResults