We shoot in the Andy Harris League over the winter indoors and have been the First Division Champions since we were promoted to the top division. We had won it every year between 2010 and 2020. We came second in the league in 2013 but that was only because we didn’t send in a score for one match but it is getting very close at the top.

The Andy Harris League is an Essex & Suffolk round which was put together by Andy so that those clubs with only 15 yard ranges could compete through the winter. Since Andy Harris passed away, Essex County decided to continue running the tournament in memory of him. This is a postal league which is shot on 40cm target faces and each archer shoots 3 dozen arrows after sighters.

This year we have entered only one team to the competition and the shooting dates are shown in the table below:-

Andy Harris Fixtures 2021-2022

MatchDateA TeamUsThem
1Oct 12thWest Essex 1603 1490
2Nov 9thBlue Arrows A 1668 1581
3Nov 23rdNoak Hill 1650 1663
4Dec 6thWoodford  
5Jan 11thRayleigh  
6Feb 8thCh Tudor Rose  
7Mar 8thHarlow  

These dates are Tuesdays but you should write your score on the board at your Club session during this week.

Previous years results and tables are on the Essex County Archery Association League Page