The Field

The field is just down from the range and shop and is available to all members at any time – you will need a key to open one of the locks which you can get from the shop for a £5 deposit.

The main gates to get onto the field are controlled by an automated gateand Tony, Steve and Richard can open it remotely if required.

Some Reminders

  • If you are shooting during the day put up the Caution Archery sign in the grass behind the shed so the workers in the hanger know you are there.
  • Make sure you are safe and know how to set up and put things away in the shed – ask if you are not sure.
  • When shooting make someone Field Captain and only go and collect arrows when they either say or blow the whistle.
  • Always tie the boss down using the rope and if the ground is hard peg the front legs down as well. If a target falls it will not only break a lot of expensive arrows but the nocks are sharp and may cause serious injury.
  • Please make sure that any kit you get out from the shed goes back – if you leave a peg in the ground and the lawnmower goes over it we could end up with a big bill for new blades.
  • Please pick up any litter and take it with you.
  • Try and keep the shed tidy.
  • If you want to put a new face on the boss then go ahead. They are on top of the racks at the back of the shed and there is also plenty of cardboard behind the bosses to give a nice flat surface.
  • If things break then please let Richard, Steve,Tony or Suzanne know so they can do something about it and get it fixed.
  • If you lose an arrow in the field let Richard, Steve, Tony or Suzanne know and write it in the Arrow Book in the shed so we can let everyone know and try to find it.
  • If you find an arrow on the field then let us know and mark it off in the arrow book.
  • Please remember to turn the metal detector off if you use it so the battery does not go flat.

Field Markings

The field is marked out using a series of blocks burried in the ground – the main center line is 4″ by 2″ blocks painted white and the edge lines are only about 1″ square.

The blocks are at 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 yards and there are small markers near the edge of the field which have the distances on.

There are also a set of orange markers down the center which mark out the distance in metric meters.

We shoot from the end nearest the shop towards the concrete bank and the shooting line is just about level with the end of the hangar – the 80 yard line is close to the other end. If you want to shoot at 100 yards then there is a second shooting line which is almost on the concrete at the end nearest the shop and which is 20 yards back from the shooting line so put the targets on 80 yards and shoot from this. There is also a block marked for 90m from this line.

If there are enough people shooting there is a tape measure which we use as a shooting line – peg it at one end and put other pegs over it to stop Chellie falling over it.